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No Sunday Tunnel, again

I have to be deep in my tunnel. The only thing I hear is myself, digging what is probably just a hole for myself. A hole to put my needs and wants in and to emerge from differing from the other disappointed mid-lifers in just one thing: the idea that at least I have left a treasure and that somebody can read the map of my life to unearth it and provide me, posthumously, with the validation of my sincere belief in the world changing nature of my thoughts. That is why the idea of tones – clinging on to a version of the after-life which is pretty similar to the version of clothes ho’s wear in gangsta rap video’s.

When I joined this site it had 5 regular features, one for each working day. Since then it dwindled and it may well be me who started dwindling it (I can only hope I’m right in thinking correlation is not identical with causation). From hundreds and an occasional 1000+ visitor day to a stage where the plural can only be applied in tens. From multiple commentators to only the few who were still writing features and wanted to keep the hope up for their colleagues. Even that dried up, to the extent I fear even Matt has thrown in the towel leaving me to close the place without even ever having had the keys.

Dear Weblog lurkers, help is wanted!

But my tunnel will at any rate be dug. If there is one thing I promised myself it is to complete what I started and I will get to the other end. In this lifetime or the next ;-)


February 24, 2013 - Posted by | Sunday Stories


  1. Keep digging! And likewise, feel free to stop. I’m enjoying a hiatus. As long as we have “Adam’s Shared Items,” The Weblog candle will burn.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | February 24, 2013

  2. I had nothing this week, sorry. I’ve enjoyed writing the posts I’ve done, but it does sometimes feel like I’m writing for an audience nostalgic for The Weblog in its heyday.

    Comment by mattintoledo | February 25, 2013

  3. I will dig away, thx for your alive checks. As long as K-pi is ok the future is bright. After all we keep this open so (s)he can call it ‘my first blog’.

    Comment by Guido Nius | February 27, 2013

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