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Friday Afternoon Confessional: A willing corpse

I confess today I’m going to jump around a bit in my confessions, as I don’t really have one worthy of an entire post.

I confess I took my first yoga class on Wednesday. It’s intended for triathletes and I like to tell myself that was why it was grueling enough that I had to break down and rest in the middle of a couple of the poses. Despite the quivering muscles and sweaty brow, I loved it. I was especially a fan of the corpse pose at the end. I confess, however, in the middle of it I could not help but remember Josh K-sky recommending meditation after this post. I confess I don’t know if yoga can really be considered meditation, but it seemed to do the trick.

I confess I started up a baseball blog after taking the better part of a year off from baseball writing. Why is this a confession? Because as much as I hate to admit it, there is no topic I can write about as easily and with more knowledge than baseball. Seriously. That includes my profession that pays the bills. Anyway, I’m not overly proud of it and at the risk of sounding corny on a The Natural level, returning to baseball writing kind of feels like coming back home. Now if only I could monetize that! (Kidding. Sort of.)

I confess that I often find myself defending the Detroit and Toledo regions (my past and present homes) as not being as miserable and grim as I feel they are generally perceived by the….well, the rest of the world, really. But at this time of year when it’s still cold but there’s no snow on the ground and it seems like everything is either brown or gray, even I must admit that yes, it’s pretty grim.

I confess to having been cheered up in the past by seeing people – usually kids – add whimsical flourishes to mundane tasks. As a result of this discovery, I sometimes add a little pizzazz to tasks – like taking out the garbage or shoveling the sidewalk – just on the off chance that somebody sees them and is similarly cheered by my joie de vivre.

I now turn the confessional over to you, good reader. That is, if you can summon the will to complete the ritual despite the apathy that surely washes over you as the result of a voluntary papal vacancy.


March 1, 2013 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. I confess that the main reason I don’t do more yoga is that I have 20 classes left at a studio near my old apartment and don’t want to buy any more classes at another studio until I finish those, which I won’t as long as I live here.

    I confess that that won’t be for much longer, as Mrs. K-sky and I are the proud new owners of a house in a neighborhood that is marginally closer to the old studio.

    I confess that your half-joking “monetize that” comment makes me think of Steven Pressfield’s discussion of turning pro which I am thinking about a lot lately.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | March 2, 2013

  2. congrats, JK! i confess i loved home renovation stories on hgtv when was on the cable promotion, now i’m on the basic tv, so watch only pbs’s “this old house”, their use of respirators when doing stuff makes me wonder whether the final house will be safe to live in, but it is surely good for the workers’ health, preventing any possible problems, i wanted to like your status update on fb but thought maybe those are for irl people, would feel as if like intrusion, i also cant bring myself to like or comment on people’s family or kids photos, seems like someone familiar should be to have that privilege, but surely it’s nice to know that so many people one knows irl or online really like and care about one’s wellbeing

    Comment by read | March 3, 2013

  3. It is! I don’t think very many of them would help me move, but it is a genuinely nice feeling to get so many good tidings. Thank you for yours.

    (I further confess that I was momentarily bemused that my house got more likes on FB than Baby Girl K-sky’s ultrasound. But she gets a second bite at the apple when she’s born, possibly by the next Friday confessional.)

    Comment by Josh K-sky | March 4, 2013

  4. Congratulations on the new digs, Josh. With the baby on the way, I’m sure it serve as the backdrop for very happy times.

    Comment by mattintoledo | March 4, 2013

  5. Read – Part of my job is supervising home rehabs for safe work practices and while no dust is healthy, the dust in old homes is particularly dangerous as it’s likely to have lead-based paint or finishes present. Additionally, some of the older plasters even have asbestos, which requires far more diligent safety standards.

    Comment by mattintoledo | March 4, 2013

  6. yeah, if asbestos and lead, better to wear respirators doing the renovation works, sure
    i liked the hgtv programs when they renovate houses and old farms in the rural areas of europe, making something very cozy looking and nice, but not when they just re-do something already looking good and clean enough, citing one’s oh so refined tastes or some fantasy themes, seems like so much waste of resources when globally how many people live in poverty or how many are homeless, it is of course okay for the people being able to afford their grand houses, but still seems like some moderation would do good for their own conscience and the environment if not the economy
    my mother also was a construction engineer and used to work on the quality control and approval of the newly completed objects

    Comment by read | March 4, 2013

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