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The unit of human capital writing this blog post is planned to be scrapped. End of June. This is partly because of a basic design error of almost all of the known units of human capital better know as free will. Most capitalists know free will to be a bitch to be kept at bay in production and to be abused only from the point of view of consumption. In my case I couldn’t handle being ‘owned’ anymore to continue something we started, dreaming to improve the world of education, in order to fuel some organization’s desire to make money on pushing more Theon taming (known originally as training).

I won’t put in my LinkedIn profile that my will to consume is as weak as my will to create is strong. I wonder whether there is a maximum of will meaning a stronger will to create weakens the will to consume, and vice versa. If so it might explain why the wealthy are so concerned to ensure our will to consume is stimulated. The wealthy are só smart (how else would they have become wealthy?): they most probably have enough will to create amongst their happy few to count for all of us. Anyway they have the money so we will just have to consume what they create with what little money they leave.

We can take some comfort in the ideas of Thomas Piketty: as the wealthy will appropriate more and more wealth, there will be less and less for us, leading to a system break-down. At that point most of us will either be death or die quickly in the service of one of the factions of the wealthy, but at least the happy few will become unhappier and fewer for the briefest of moments. It’s not much but we’ll take what we get.

I’m just being bitter, of course. On top of not making any sense. Bottom-line is: I didn’t get it my way.

Except that I did get it my way. We invented something, worked it out and honestly, within the rules of their game, tried to continue with it. Tough luck that it didn’t work out. Tough luck for them. We’ll continue somehow and, although we’ll not be rich (at least this they don’t have to worry about ;-), we’ll get the message out that there can be more education for the same amount of money (&, given there needs to be a lot more money for education: there can be much much more education). Once the message is out they won’t be able to put it back into a bottle. And once there will be much much more education the happy few can forget about controlling us. And we’ll be able to control ourselves, that being the essence of being rich: to be able to decide what to do with one’s own time.

That’s what I got: I got some freedom to do what I want with my own time. A couple of years, literally. I’m happy to get that much, it’s a lot of wealth compared to probably at least 90% of my fellow human beings. It’s also a privilege which historically is even more exceptional, except for the odd artist, writer or scientist the majority of the 1% who had that freedom in past generations was just enlisted by the family to get the perpetuum mobile of wealth perpetuated. As I have converted by The Daughter to watch Game of Thrones, all of this can now be summarized in one name: Tyrion.

So I’m fine, really, I’ve got 2 months to behave. Things are going well there as well: colleagues don’t mail me, bosses prefer to forget me and – in general – corporate life goes on as if the image of myself in it is slowly fading away. The SW we left behind is being claimed by others which means it will get mutilated beyond recognition. Everything is looking as if End June I can just walk away from this professional occupation in the fullest of peace: no going-away parties, no goodbye e-mails, no outbursts of sympathy or other forms of hypocrisy. Just smoke my last (by now e-)smoke, take the bike and go home.

I learned it’s good to proceed in a straight line, my only misgiving is that it’s possible to move somewhat quicker.

April 27, 2014 - Posted by | boredom, innovative technologies that shape our lives, shameless self-promotion, teaching, torture, waking up in a cold sweat


  1. Sorry for any rough time of it, and very good luck to you on the next thing.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | April 27, 2014

  2. Glad to hear from you, Guido, but sorry it’s under these circumstances. As Josh said, good luck going forward.

    Comment by mattintoledo | April 28, 2014

  3. Don’t be sorry guys, it’s not what I wanted but much better than what I feared. I’ll fight back. Glad to see you are still around, probably I’ll have some time to put into this place. For better or for worse ;-)

    Comment by Guido Nius | April 29, 2014

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