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Tuesday Hatred of The Excluded Middle

Ever since Aristotle phrased something like either it is or it isn’t, stupid people the world over have it ready to stop any discussion dead in its tracks. History knows no justice, or so it seems, because, in fact, history knows both justice and injustice. That’s just the way it is. Logic may always hold but it never applies.

My hatred is not for the law. Laws are fine even if they tend to grow like weed. My hatred is not for logic. Logic is actually quite interesting although pretty destructive in the hands of the irrational. My hatred is reserved for the exclusion bit. Of anything but specifically of the middle. The middle is nice. It’s where all of us loved to be when kids in our parents’ bed. 

Let’s establish the law of The Included Middle.

When somebody summarizes an argument into two horns: call her a bull, leave the arena and warn everybody that the mental equivalent of Ebola has broken out. When you’re asked to take sides, just stick with the main meal & have a dessert instead. When you feel like being put in either/or positions, become temporarily religious so you can have faith in there being a third way. When you are called a (non-)believer just tend to something else until the name-calling blows over.

Even The Excluded Middle is embraced by The Included Middle because in the end we do need to classify our shit in order to keep track of it. We will change the classification – for instance to put the whale card in the mammal section – but at least we can locate it in the meantime. So include the son of a bitch who excludes you because not even the bible is always wrong. File him under son of bitch but do keep an open mind; you don’t know the shit he has been dealing with.

So can there be hatred from The Included Middle?

Hell yeah! There is an abundance of hatred. For people inventing THE third way. For politicians who freely hate all politicians whilst not understanding why we hate them. For those who think love will in the end solve everything. For people bombing other people and for people who think the world will be all right if we just leave everything be. My hatred is, in fact, as inclusive as anything else even if it is as ill-targeted as a rebellious missile.

Which leaves me as boring as I have always been. No distinctions & marking no differences. A child of a time of neither love nor hate. A child of neither/nor that grew up in the middle and sees its ranks swelling as well as swelling with hatred for a public discourse which is increasingly either/or. Science may have overcome its addiction to certainty but public opinion is getting hooked instead. Oh, fuck it all, may I be of a more nuanced frame of mind tomorrow.



July 29, 2014 - Posted by | Tuesday Hatred

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