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I’ve been a slouch on the first book, but I promise to step it up for Tom McCarty’s C, coming to summer book club at The Weblog soon.

June 27, 2015 - Posted by | boredom


  1. I am loving McCarthy’s prose-poem-like visual metaphors that remind me of some of the extended metaphors in Proust. For example, at the beginning of Chapter 2 papa Carrefax’s extended explanation and demonstration of how breath becomes sound, sound becomes words, and words become meaning, followed immediately by Serge’s collapsing tower of meanings, the word he bashes into a soldier’s face, and his sister sending a telegraph begging for reinforcements on his penis (all of which is foreshadowing, I think). Or in Chapter 4, their games of Monopoly where they use real spaces as symbols of the symbols on the board, leading to elaborations and then ultimately back to abstraction when they just sit and conduct their business over their tin-can telephone system.

    Comment by Joshua Malbin | June 29, 2015

  2. I for one am planning to incorporate the phrase “Now to telegraph the Admiralty!” into some of my evening rituals. For the couples among you, you can also add, “You can do it, Orville and Wilbur!”

    Comment by Patrick O'Connor | July 1, 2015

  3. I like that — there seems to be a lability of meaning that ranges from Marcel’s bedroom magic lantern to the idea of the schizophrenic sublime, enhanced by all the methods and encodings of communication.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | July 1, 2015

  4. I’d say paranoia, rather than schizophrenia, but maybe I don’t know what either of these words mean. Now to telegraph the Admiralty!

    Comment by poc2666 | July 5, 2015

  5. […] you mentioned Proust’s extended visual metaphors in McCarty’s approach to language — anything […]

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