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Friday Afternoon Confesional: I’m a quitter

I mean, I was planning to write this on Friday but I felt a bit off and wound up watching the tennis. Tennis is such an unimaginative sport: the same people win in the same way all of the time. I vaguely remember that some 30 years ago there were occasional outbursts that seemed to indicate this was a sport of man rather than machine. Now, only one thing is for sure: successful tennis players are no quitters. Whatever, I watched it feeling every ounce of energy being drawn from me, knowing full well I should have followed through with my plan but still giving into the fascination for nothingness which is my true addiction.

In other words: I’m a quitter.

I would normally not feel inclined to see this as a confession were it not for the blatant fact that quitting is, societally, seen as the pinnacle of anti-social behavior. Perseverance, now that is something we should all have. Whether it is the passionate entrepreneur who, after 300 pitches says to herself “I just have to change this and try harder” or the artist who has eaten dirt for decades without faltering in his single-focused follies, it is the transpiration that is admired. The patient exercise of impatience to keep on going on because the reward is worth the effort of clinging on even if is  uncut misery topped with pure humiliation.

The quitter’s take: I’m rich enough to behave spoiled, so let that be my quiet rebellion.

As we’re as close to Tuesday’s Hatred as we are to Friday’s Confessional, I’ll allow myself to do some hating whilst I’m at this. It sure beats having to think hard to treat the topic in two posts. It’s not so much that it hate people applying themselves. It is kind of endearing to tell the truth. I tell my kids to apply themselves knowing they know I wouldn’t really do it of their lives depended on it. If we wouldn’t intermittently apply ourselves somewhat, it would mean that breakfast cereal company’s stock prices wouldn’t be worth a thing which is not something we want because breakfast cereals allow us to get started with a lot less effort than if we would have to fix an unhealthy breakfast ourselves.

What I hate though is that winners are always people who always apply themselves. That’s really annoying because one thing is for certain: people who always apply themselves are – how to say this tactfully? – boring and obnoxious. The boring bit is not offending, we’re all boring in a way, even if being boring in a persevering kind of way is kind of beyond boring in a dehumanized idealized computerized way. The offending bit is the obnoxiousness, the ‘bearing the goal in mind’ attitude justifying the means and justifying a being mean which seems to have become the new normal. We took matters out of God’s hands so nobody can blame is to use our own bare hands to fight with.

Quitters at least are polite, their hands are made for shaking and waving and an occasional pat on the back. Quitters are softies because being soft on yourself implies being soft on all others, at least if you admit being a quitter. Let me explain my theory: we’re all born equal, we’re all born quitters, not very different from those giant panda bears who can’t even be bothered to procreate. Then we learned, through some fortunate coincidence called ability to speak, that putting in some occasional effort left and right could spare us a whole lot of continuous effort (think breakfast cereal). So we did, chiefly because we are quitters of the intelligent speaking type, but working was no fun so we created a fairy tale story to remind us of doing some more work knowing it would permit us to become even lazier.

Quitter-paradise was in the making but then misery struck. We became impatient and the fairy tale gently transformed into a drab and serious story of merit (until then we were so content with talent because it made effort seem so effortless). The lazy part was forgotten and people felt ashamed to admit what they really were: quitters. Ashamed, they’d further tune the story to an ideal truth, a fact of the matter and competed to be seen as anything but a quitter. Life by now is a living hell. It really is. We want to improve it at a speed that cannot but destroy every little bit of it. Let’s do it differently and get in touch with the Great Panda in each of us.

Let’s do more good than bad and raise kids that do more good than bad and then we’ll see. Let’s support basic income and stuff. Let’s be mellow and unashamed of being quitters – is all.


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