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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Going Crazy

The most important thing is this: never – never ever – leave a space at the end of a line. Fill it to the end even if you have to type ghjtrgk. Or something. Never mind whjkjkljere.


You may leave space after an O.

Or an Aha.

They don’t mean anything like. They’re not important. Ghdhjk. Like me? I don’t. Well, I like the other me and he dislikes this me. Dis mie ning. Strike that. Stricken. Always correct yourself. Try that with a jkjkjk space. Should have been spspspp. Too late. Always too late to correct your self. Why write, anyway? It is not like someone will read it (except me, I’m here writing it, don’t have a choice, never hadt; even not  in parentheses). What a relief, not to have to be understandable; kind of explains why you’re not not – a random string replaced by a less random still meaningless one – not not not understood.

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October 28, 2016 Posted by | boredom | Comments Off on Friday Afternoon Confessional: Going Crazy