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Tuesday Hatred: Dilatory

I hate it when the Tuesday Hatred isn’t posted on time. I hate the complexities of using git (such as they are). I hate the fact that after seeming to be on the rapid mend, my precious tendon suffered a setback last week. I hate the amount of reading I seem to have taken on, and I also hate how difficult it is for me to just buckle down and do it (it doesn’t help at all that mostly I’m reading stuff I don’t particularly like). The difficulty of keeping up with “the literature”, this too I hate. The difference between the weather(s) in San Francisco and Palo Alto does not escape my odium, nor does the fact that there was apparently only one (1) week this entire summer that featured excellent strawberries. My overindulgence in foods over the past several days is something that I do not love. Has anticipation of the “job market” already caused me to become unhappy? Somewhat. My spirit is not that of one who jumps for joy when I think about the probable nature of my “love” “life” in the coming year.

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Tuesday Hatred: Many are called, but few are home

I hate mediocre roast beef, and I hate that the object of my hatred is so widespread on this earth. I hate the low quality of the cherries I bought yesterday, and the number of them that have split and thereby become disgusting to my sight. I hate that my passport has expired and my social security card (apparently) been misplaced. I hate the continued non-existence of my “romantic” “life”. I hate that, not only does the one person I ever play email chess with occasionally solicit me for a game when I can’t play one, he isn’t even available precisely at those times that I want to play. The nerve!

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Tuesday Hatred: Quaeret in trivio vocationem

I hate that I got embroiled in an extremely stupid dispute with a stranger on twitter.

I hate that, over the years, I have broken or lost all of my glasses of the vaguely tulipy shape used for grappa or eaux de vie. Probably no one will have the slightest bit of sympathy for me for that, but the glasses were really cheap. Oh Well. I also hate how incompetent I am at keeping my preserving pan clean, and the fact that the last time I used it when cleaning it I scoured the interior (just with one of those scotch brite pad things, nothing metal itself, but copper is very soft) which apparently one isn’t supposed to do. Oops.

Often I can’t tell whether I’m being mocked, and I hate that.

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Tuesday Hatred: Feeding Back

I hate it when I receive commercial mail on whose envelope my name, and often the address of the sender as well, is written in a handwriting-esque font, as if in the hopes of deceiving me into believing that it is not commercial mail but rather some kind of personal missive (the kind the receiving of which all my hopes converge on). It is always easy to tell the true nature of the correspondence even before opening it, indeed, even before viewing the return address, because the letters of the address—my address, that is, not the return address—are always too regular, being, after all, not actually handwritten.

I hate that Facebook apparently censors status updates and comments. For instance, the other day, I attempted to leave a comment—to one of my own posts!—consisting entirely of a link to a jpg; it was vanished as soon as I left it. And today I’m pretty sure that the second sentence of a status update read “this shit is clicky”, or words to that effect, among which words was definitely “shit”, but it is no longer there to be seen. It’s barely possible that I never actually wrote that, though; nevertheless, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I had but it was removed. Stupid Facebook! (And lemme tell you, this shit is way clicky.)

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Self–Tuesday Hating Animals

I hate that as usual I’ve forgotten the many things that I’ve found hateful throughout the week. I hate the dire state of my laptop’s keyboard.

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Tuesday Hatred: Continence

I hate it when one feels knocking at one’s back door, as it were, excremental masses to which one cannot give an outlet, because one is, for instance, walking down the street, or driving. Partial relief in such cases can be found by loosening one’s belt (or, depending on where one is, outright unbuttoning one’s pants) but the effect is of limited duration; soon enough the urgent stuff has adjusted to its slightly changed circumstances and renewed its pleas to be let out. What’s worse, when finally one does reach a location where one can yield to one’s inner demands, it often isn’t even a very satisfying experience.

I hate that at this late date I am still finding things out that I should have known or seen much earlier about my dissertation, resources it can draw on, how the task should be prosecuted, etc.

I hate that my foot continues to be fucked up.

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What Is This Thing Called Tuesday Hatred?

I hate stress, tension, uncertainty which engenders both of these, cowardice (in myself) and cravenness (in others), not fear but the fearful (thereby also figured as the hateful). I hate—I hate. I hate my foot’s state and I hate the fact that my powerful leg broke one of the straps on the boot I am condemned to wear, rendering it rather unuseful. I hate dealing with unicode. I hate the fact that I seem to be slowing down in my dissertating, even though the end is in sight. (I swear, it is!)

I recently re-read the paper I’ve been using this year as my writing sample and while I’m pleased that I still agree with it I marvelled at what seemed to be the unusual lucidity of the writing—as opposed to the clotted prose I’m currently turning out. Ah, me! Ah, my!

I recorded something else I hate elsewhere. I hate, too, that many Joe Frank shows are vitiated by the quick recourse he has to kind of superficially treated existentialistic themes. Frequently he’s able to save himself by, at the last minute, diverting his discussion into something totally absurd, but sometimes that doesn’t happen, and sometimes, too, one gets the impression that these saving moments are appended to, but don’t really undermine as one would like them to, those which precede.

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Tuesday Hatred and the Sciences of Man

I hate that I have yet to receive my 1099-INT form from Citibank. I hate, too, that I cannot simply download a copy of the form using the meager online access I enjoy. [UPDATE: Previously I had called Citibank to complain about this and the guy I spoke to assured me that (a) they had been sent out in January and (b) they’d send me another. As none had arrived by the 15th, I called again and spoke to someone who offered to just give me the fucking info over the phone, who then, when he saw the fragliche info, informed that as the amount of interest I’d earned was so low they just didn’t report it, and that’s why I never received the form.]

I hate it when cafés which play music play the music way too fucking loud. This hatred does not diminish when the cafés take on, in crepusculo-vespertine hours, a somewhat different aspect (as does the one in which I am presently writing, which purports to become a wine bar).

I hate that my right leg is confined to a podiatric boot for the next month or so. I hate too that this means that, although I can remove it if necessary, I will likely not be able to get around by biking but must rather resort to using the automobile. On the other hand, I do not hate having a temporary permit for the use of handicapped parking spaces, which also entitles me to use metered spaces free of charge and to park on streets which give preference to residents and businesses.

I hate it when people who don’t know very much about the academic job market attempt to cheer me up. The fact that the people in question include several of my fellow graduate students is rather worrying.

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Tuesday Hatred Manufactured with Powerful Steam Machinery

I hate that a person with whom I spoke on the telephone regarding employment basically as much as admitted that the company he represented was targeting the experienced-but-underemployed (for a position that anyone with experience would not, in ordinary circumstances, stoop to consider). I hate the prevalence of illegal internships and the blatancy with which obviously illegal internships are advertised on job boards. This is, alas, probably not an area in which plaintiffs’ attorneys can expect to make a mint. (It’s obviously out of the question that anyone from the relevant governmental agencies would bother enforcing their regulations.) I hate that I am becoming a crank. I hate that the foolish action alluded to earlier did not turn out not to be foolish but was, rather, confirmed in its foolishness.

It hardly even seems worth alluding (much less outright referring) to political events

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Tuesday Hatred: Already We Are Home

I hate the file chooser dialog in OS X. It will with the Desktop, or the last used directory (I guess this depends on the application), as the default starting directory. This directory will occupy a column on the left. If you click on a directory name in that listing, its contents will appear in the next leftmost column, that is, in a column immediately to the right. And so on, ever rightwards. Each subsequent directory’s parent is accessible in the column to that directory’s left, of course. But only each subsequent directory: because the parent directory of the starting directory is not so accessible, even though it easily could be, at the slight pain of having that part of the dialog start off scrolled a little bit to the right (unless of course on some occasion the starting directory were also the root directory). So if one wants to select a file in any directory but a child directory (i.e. in a parent, a parent of a parent, a sibling, a sibling of a parent, etc.), one must use a different part of the dialog, a little drop down menu showing all the parents of the currently selected directory. Ok, fine. Not such a huge deal. But the columnar portion of the dialog is by far the most prominent; why cripple it? This is not an unusual task.

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