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Harper’s Has a Heart

Many of you have already read these, but in a sign of good will to all the archive to David Foster Wallace’s articles for Harper’s has been set free.


September 15, 2008 - Posted by | David Foster Wallace

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  1. Should we have a discussion here of Wallace? I’m not an expert but I love his essays. And, in those and in his fiction I feel like he’s been incorrectly pegged as a postmodernist when in actuality he seems to me more of an avant garde writer. Sure, he took part in “saving the novel” and “reinventing the novel” and all of these tings that postmodernists love to chat about. But, as I think he most simply put it, people who labeled him postmodernist seemed to be missing the point of the sadness in his stories and novels.

    I suppose in the amount that his work was a deconstruction of some societal norms he could be seen as postmodernist. But, in my opinion, what could be called deconstruction could also be understood as clarifying in Wallace’s case.

    Anyway, I didn’t do a lot of literary and cultural studies in college so I could be missing some obvious point. Which, I guess is why I’m hoping for some discussion here among good people.

    Comment by Rob B | September 15, 2008

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