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Tuesday Hates Red

I am only half a man and the half a man I am is weak and old. It needs to take a piss every 5 minutes and cannot go to sleep without a pill. But even being only half a man, I hate being (even if only in part) a real man. I know, I can’t help it. Still, blame is not the point here; behavior is, or rather: non-behavior is.

Being a woman (real, in part, whatever) is probably not without its challenges. Maybe I would hate being a woman as well, & maybe not even only because being a woman implies being treated and mistreated by men. Nevertheless I can only talk hate as to being a man as that is what I happen to be in a half-hearted and weak way.

Why do I hate it?

For all of the reasons you hate men.

Most of all because men tend to speak as if they are obviouslyright. Up to and including when they try to be self-critical. I hate that the below rather accurately depicts me pointing out to myself what is most annoying about me:

Explanation: I'm watching myself in a mirror to the left of me.

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Archive fever

I am starting to regret importing all the old posts into WordPress, because really there is no need to have done so. This site could just as easily have served as an archive in perpetuity, complete with old comments.

Indeed, please treat it as such, as I have now in fact deleted all the crappy imported archives from this site. I leave the last two posts from the previous site because comments have been posted on them.

This post will be easily accessible from here on out under the category “Pre-Wordpress Posts.”

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A slight change

Due to inexplicable disk space overuse charges from my ISP, I have decided to move The Weblog to a Blogspot. The old address should now redirect to this one.

All previous links to The Weblog are now broken, because I have deleted all the files at the address. You may also have to resubscribe to the RSS feed. All those with posting privileges are able to post normally — publication will likely also be faster. (It seemed to republish the entire blog to the Blogspot server instantaneously, for instance.)

I’m considering moving to WordPress as well — the switch to Blogspot doubles as a necessary intermediate step should I decide to go that route. The only drawback is that their free accounts offer no control over the template, and you all know how much I love my design.

UPDATE: Obviously I’ve decided to take the plunge. I hope it’s not too disruptive to everyone’s life.

UPDATE 2: The biggest drawback is that all comments are effectively gone. You’ll just have to go to the Blogspot page and look up the appropriate post if you really want to read them. The benefit, however, is that WordPress’s clever moderation system means that I will never again have to hover over the internet to make sure the Troll of Sorrow’s posts are promptly deleted — they won’t make it through in the first place! For the rest of you, your first comment will be moderated (and subsequent ones might also be moderated if you fill in the form differently, etc.), but after that you’ll be good to go.

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