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Tuesday Hatred bumps its head on the ceiling

I hated that a few decades ago we needed to worry about impending global nuclear annihilation. It also made for some really bad movies (and one good one, but more about that later). Something can therefore be said for seeing the global impending debt crisis as somewhat of a sign of progress. Although for sure it will make for even worse movies (and probably not even a good one, but more about that later). Still, I hate needing to worry about the impending global financial annihilation. I hate worrying. Real progress consists in not worrying anymore;  or at least in worrying less.

I hate stress. I hate people who get a kick out of stress. I hate that those people know each other well and that – if there is one thing that will survive annihilation – it is networking. I hate networking. I am writing this on July 18th and progress is upon us if on the date of its publication all of the following has come about: Rupert Murdoch is in jail, David Cameron has had to resign, Fox News has enjoyed the fate of News of The World and Tea Party election victories have been connected to News International hacking practices. Real cause for optimism and a “Western spring” would be there if a global plan to dismantle the banking industry and re-assemble it into banking was put in place. If so I’d gladly support letting bankers off with being called wankers in all official government papers, and this in accordance with UN Resolution 6.666.

I hate none of that is going to happen and that instead The Dark Force will have regrouped. Maybe an extra special Davos summer summit will have been called. Such would be an ideal way to both launch a new narrative of persecution of those industry and public opinion leaders who were temporarily too naïve and trustful of the lesser people working for them to work even harder than the harder they were already working than everybody else. Yeah, I hate that such an extra special Davos summer summit would do the trick of launching this narrative, particularly because in inviting the political leaders it would be clear once and for all again who is leading the political leaders.

I do not hate Dr. Strangelove . I do hate that Peter Sellers and Stanley Kubrick are dead. If they weren’t death they could have made a sequel “Senior VP Toughlove” in which a wanker is employed by the Chinese and engineers a pan-global debt crisis that sucks all of the money out of the global economy and into Bermuda or St Kitts. On the question how they are to survive there SVP Toughlove explains how they can select the best genetic specimen of the Chinese peoples and go back to the original condition of slave labour.

The original is better but … “We’ll meet again.”:

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In defense of Caligula

At the blog where Kevin Drum used to post his moderate declarations, Hilzoy claims that the Department of the Interior scandal represents “Caligula-like corruption and debauchery.” I’m pretty sure that, in reality, if Caligula had been part of the festivities at the Minerals Management Service, he would’ve been bored beyond belief. Where are the massive orgies? Where’s the child molestation? Where’s the wanton murder? Caligula makes these bureaucrats look like nothing more than a bunch of 80s Wall Street wannabes.

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