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Infinity + 1

David: So: Can Blagojevich pardon himself?
David: I’m going to write a letter to the editor suggesting that Blag. should just pardon himself so we can get back to the important business of the state.
Adam: It’s unclear whether self-pardons are permissible — at least on the federal level. Though apparently if Bush pardoned himself, he could be charged with obstruction of justice.
David: Leading to him pardoning himself again? Whoa.
Adam: Preemptive pardons are possible, too.
Adam: Well, preempting charges or investigations. I don’t know if truly temporally preemptive pardons are possible — “I pardon myself of all previous crimes and of the obstruction of justice charge that will result from this pardon, to infinity + 1.”
David: I hope it’s not too much to ask that eventually mathmaticians get involved on this.
Adam: “The Supreme Court ruled today that infinity + 1 isn’t a real number, casting doubt on the resolution of a number of playground disputes in the process.”
David: Calculists everywhere were left jobless.

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The power of prayer

David: did you hear that focus on the family were encouraging folks to pray for rain for obama’s address at the convention?
Adam: I did.
Adam: Thankfully, prayer doesn’t work.
David: Yeah, that’s saved my ass more than once.

August 27, 2008 Posted by | family values, instant messaging, politics, religion | 8 Comments