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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Token Gesture

I confess that this week I have had too much beer and way too much fast food. I confess that I discussed stereotypes in one of my classes in a way that lacked clarity and probably made people uncomfortable, so I had to go back and correct myself. I confess that I made remarks on the paper of one of my most motivated students that probably really pissed him off. I confess that even though I did all of the many things I had to do this week, I still feel overwhelmed rather than relieved.

I confess that on Monday night at 6:00, I am giving a lecture over my awkwardness book at Kalamazoo College, my first-ever invited lecture. I confess that I will be using this video:


February 26, 2010 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. Oh wow, oh wow. That video.

    Comment by Adam R | February 26, 2010

  2. i don’t know the video is weird? it’s bc/ she sings without any music accompanement, nice voice i think
    here is our girl singing

    Comment by read | February 26, 2010

  3. god why it embeds automatically, i should have made it a tiny url, sorry

    Comment by read | February 26, 2010

  4. accompaniment ♪

    Comment by read | February 26, 2010

  5. I feel awkward when I start thinking about her reasons for posting it and what she expects to gain from it.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | February 26, 2010

  6. I feel the need to link to this as a palette-cleanser.

    I confess that I miss the Weblog’s old name.

    Comment by stras | February 26, 2010

  7. Palette cleansed.

    I confess that, although I gave up on religion fifteen odd years ago, I continued praying, until not much more than 2 years ago. I confess those prayers happened as part of the going-to-sleep-ritual, and that I only slept well since if helped by medication. I confess the content of the prayers were of a confessional nature. I confess I did confess, as part of those confessions, that this confessing was driven by a desire to ultimately benefit my children’s wellbeing.

    Nothing on Youtube can trump your everyday awkwardness.

    Comment by JoB | February 27, 2010

  8. One cleanses one’s palate, unless one is a painter.

    Comment by ben | February 27, 2010

  9. Well, maybe I am.

    Comment by stras | February 28, 2010

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